PT. Mbamalu Chibuike

head of physiotherapy

He is a very passionate and hardworking Physiotherapist, who believes in delivering quality Physiotherapy services that is obtainable in other developed countries of the world. He derives joy in seeing his patients get better.

He graduated from University of Nigeria in 2008. He did his internship at National Hospital Abuja (NHA) and did his National Youth Service Corps with NNPC Clinic Maitama in Abuja. He brought about one of the most equipped Physical Rehabilitation Centre in Nigeria known as Optimal Health Centre Int’l through collaboration.

In his quest to acquire more knowledge and compete with other Physiotherapists in other developed countries, he went for further training in India (PhysioNeeds Academy) and became certified in Manual therapy (For spine and other joint related conditions) and Neuro Physiotherapy.

He’s a Fellow, International Visitors Leadership Programme (FIVLP) USA. This training took him to six states in the United States of America. He has held and currently holding several positions in the world of Physiotherapy in Nigeria. To mention but a few. He is the current Chairman, Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy FCT Chapter.

He was the Chairman, Local Organizing Committee for the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy 60th Anniversary and 59th Annual Scientific Conference held in Abuja in 2019. (The conference happened to be the largest gathering of Physiotherapists in the history of the profession in Nigeria).He is the Chairman of Physical Rehabilitation Foundation (PRF) and Abuja Physiotherapy Concept (APC) Ltd.