Our Doctors

Dr. Andrew Alalade


Degrees: MBBS, MRCS, FEBNS, FRCS (Neurosurgery)

Speciality/Area of Interest: Skull base, Vascular, Endoscopy,

Neuro-Oncology and Degenerative Spine

Institution Attended: University of Ibadan

Neurosurgical Training: London, United Kingdom

Place of Work: Royal Preston Hospital, UK

Experience in UK: 6 years

Andrew is a Consultant Neurosurgeon (Skull Base & Cerebrovascular) at The Royal Preston Hospital, UK; a Medical Educator, an Associate Editor and Distinguished International Speaker. He is highly passionate about medical education with keen interest in mentorship and positively impacting the next generation of neurosurgeons. He has a proven track record of 15 years as a clinical lecturer and tutor at major teaching hospitals (UCL, Queen Mary University) and Council member at Association of Surgeons in Training (ASIT). He is currently the Director of Regional Neurosurgical Teaching – North-West England.