Service Charter

International solutions, local destination

At BASS, whatever we propose or do for you will meet international standards of care. The whole team has been carefully chosen and dedicated to their specific duties. However, we are a team and you will find cross cooperation among the staff to provide quality of care for you.

Many cases of effective and efficient management of cases of brain and spine problems abound in Nigeria. However, many people suffer from not knowing what is available locally. The above information is part of our obligation to inform and educate Nigerians about what is available locally.


We are geared towards directing medical tourism into Abuja, Nigeria. Brain diseases, neck and back pains can be conveniently managed in Abuja and Abuja is set to be the destination for Nigerians with brain trauma, spine trauma and degenerative diseases. We intend to reassure Nigerians that these problems can and are being fixed successfully in Abuja. This is because there are trained surgeons in Abuja offering specialized neurological care with a full surgical team backup and the necessary equipment.