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Let’s call a spade…a spade

One of the reasons that Nigerians fail to trust doctors is in the area of misdiagnosis and the reasons are legion. Diagnosing pneumonia for cancer and calling cancer, Tuberculosis is all too common. Stroke is often misdiagnosed. One of my recent patients with...

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‘Go away, we have no beds!

Many patients and their relatives are frequently turned away from public hospitals because of the lack of bed space for admission. Many emergency cases are turned away from the emergency rooms and left to wander, travelling from one hospital to another. Sadly, since...

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Back pain and leg pain

I want to introduce you to Lumbar Spondylosis. There are people who complain of back pain and leg pains. The back pain is in the lower back and can radiate to the waist or the hip. The pain is worse with activity: sitting, standing etc. it is often better at night...

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The management of back pain

A significant number of patients present to doctors and physiotherapists with back pain. For the majority, the pain is of little consequence and resolves without much hassle. In many instances, reassurance, a positive attitude and a healthy support system is all that...

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There are two great ideas for improving access to healthcare. One idea is to offer a free consultation to indigent patients. The other idea is to assist the patients to access surgery by looking at their financial situation and working with what they have. Both ideas...

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Dumb ways to die

Some people deserve to die. Some people are so stupid and do things that entitle them to instant erasure from this World. Their death may even be a blessing to mankind in that it stops the dilution of the gene pool. Thus, there are times when particular conducts allow...

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Please no, not cancer!

I resigned as staff neurosurgeon with the National Hospital, Abuja seven years ago. It was a mutual divorce and like lancing a boil for me. The release was instantaneous and cathartic. So many issues had built up to the point but the inability to deliver quality care...

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